Metro Darts and how it works

Posted by Jeff Carter on 10/28/2017 to Disc Golf
Metro Darts and how it works
oct 2-8  
This has been a good week ,the shop has had people in each day. We have had another order on the web site with a lot more to come I hope ! The shop got a new dart display for the back room where it displays 160 darts  and people can try out the darts before they buy. Each day has been exciting to see how many people the shop can get for the day , the hours are from 4pm to 8pm  Monday, Tuesday , Thursday, Friday the weekends people call me before coming because  sometimes there are places i service  that need product. On Wednesday there is a short day 4 to 6:30 this is a league nite so there needs to be a time to take care of the people.There has been a lot  of new people coming in lately the thoughts behind this is people telling people, I have done a lot on Facebook with showing product and telling stories ,the pictures have helped also the better the picture the easer it brings in people to the sites.Just a update on the dart shirts we are still working hard to put the design together and work with the vender.

Metro Darts and how it works

Posted by Jeff Carter on 10/28/2017 to Disc Golf
Metro Darts And How It Works
Oct 9 to 15th
The dart season has started and the people have been using Metro Darts a lot . The shop has got a order online again this is a plus!  This is because we have fixed the site it is easer to order by using card ,The site also has taken on a new look by using the logo colors,  we are trying to make it easier each day by adding small parts to make it fun to order.(img)The shirts have been designed they look great! and we are on our way to get them ordered it is in the venders hands now other than payment. The shop is still doing very good as we get costumers each day . The shop is getting returning costumers as the season is in its third week . There has been talk already about states and also city wars  this is were cities compete against each other  in a lot of formats play is in Grand rapids. Metro darts will be sponsoring Randell Bridge in the city wars!  Randell has been with Metro Darts for a year now  he has wrote his first blog with many to come , he also has set me up so that i can work with leagues in Battle Creek to sell goods .(img)

Tips in Tournament Preparation - The Tournament Director View

Posted by Erin Oakley on 4/15/2017 to Disc Golf
Erin Oakley

This is for all the tournament directors (TDs) and organizers out there whether you are a seasoned professional or want to learn some more about running a disc golf event. There are so many little things that you need to be successful and organized. Being organized is a huge key in running a smooth event. If you don't have your stuff together, it can be stressful and no one wants to feel that way, so I have been working on tools and tips to help myself, as well as others, to be prepared for the big day.

The first, and probably most important, thing is to have some volunteers helping you. Running a disc golf tournament or event, is a team effort. Have at least 2 other people who will be willing to hang out at tournament central for you while the event is taking place. They can be responsible for checking in and registering players in the morning, setting the scoreboard with players and their hole assignments, checking and adding scorecards in between and after rounds. This will allow the tournament director some time to answer questions from players and spectators. You can also use volunteers as spotters who can watch for players discs on tough holes that have tall grass, or places that may not be visible to the players as they throw, and holes with ‘out of bounds’ so the spotter can get an accurate view for the line of play if someone goes out. With the growth of our sport, we can always use photographers to get great shots of the players in action on the course. It is always nice to “tip” the volunteers with tournament gear. Make sure they get at least a minimum of 1 disc per round for helping. They will more likely return to help again even if they did it just because they wanted to help all because you appreciated their help.

Try to have your CTP prizes, raffle prizes, payout prizes, etc..., already separated. It makes for much less work during the day of the tournament. If you know how many CTPs you will have and what holes they will be placed on, get the CTP markers/flags ready to go. This simple step can easily be forgotten at events if not prepared before the day of the event. Many TDs are so caught up in making sure things are set for the players in the morning, that it is sometimes looked over (I’m totally guilty of this!).

When looking for event sponsors, be prepared to offer them something in return for their sponsorship. Most disc golf related sponsors, companies or friends, will give donations for a simple thank you at the players meeting because they are willing to give back to the sport. However, if you're looking for some non-disc golf specific items for your event, make sure when you ask for a donation that you tell them what you're willing to do for them. Your return favor could be a thanks at the players meeting, a printed thank you in an event program, and for bigger sponsors you could offer their company logo on flyers or discs or banners. It is important to them that they are getting exposure for helping you out.

The more donations you get, the more stuff you can give away! This is where the extra volunteers or your local club members could help also! Ask your local members if they work at a place that will donate a # of something for player packs. The more items you get donated to the players, the less $ you have to account for (such as taking it out of the entry fees to get the money back that you have spent prior to the tournament), and the less money you take out for player packs, the more money stays in for payouts.

It is often assumed that player packs and prizes must consist of disc golf related items. However, you’d be surprised how many people already have enough discs, towels, minis...etc., so why not get some local businesses, or even online businesses to donate gift certificates/gift cards. This way the players can go pick out something they need or want.

I always give back everything that the tournament has brought in. If there is any leftover money flow from the event after paying our vendor, it will be used to prepare for the following year, or sometimes be donated to other women-only disc golf tournaments or junior entry fees for other events. Each year I start from scratch again and it is completely rewarding to see the continued success of my events. I wish you all luck and hope you too can stay organized and stress free when planning and running disc golf events :)

Managing Mental Blocks

Posted by Erin Oakley on 7/27/2016 to Disc Golf

Everyone has mental blocks
Erin Oakley

Mental blocks can be extremely hard to get rid of. I've found many disc golfers have a difficult time letting go of bad shots or the thought that you just lost a stroke to competitor. Even though I have played for over 16 years, I have only recently started discovering how to let go of negative thoughts. It's all in the recovery and importance of playing your own game, against yourself and not against the other players. Comparing yourself to the other players can bring you down.

Putting - Up your game.

Posted by Issac Lockwood - Legacy Disc Golf on 5/11/2016 to Disc Golf

As you pursue the never ending quest to reach the next level in the game of disc golf, putting is the single most important and fastest way to break through to that next level.

Isaac Lockwood

I won't get into the grip or style that you should use since everyone has to find what works for them individually and even that can change over time. What I think are some of the more important aspects are a few simple techniques that can help anyone be more accurate and consistent.

Women and Disc Golf

Posted by Erin Oakley - Innova Disc Golf on 5/10/2016 to Disc Golf

Erin OakleyI am really excited to do this blog because I could talk Disc Golf all day, every day. So I will give you in this intro, how I started playing, and what I have been inspired to create since that day.

I was introduced to the sport of Disc Golf in 1999 by now husband, then boyfriend, Dan. He would play with some friends while I would just walk with them and watch. I'm pretty sure, if I remember correctly, the story is that my sister was with us and she asked for a disc to throw, and I didn't want to be the only one not throwing, so I gave a whirl!

Tips from the Pro

Posted by Isaac Lockwood - Legacy Disc Golf on 4/11/2016 to Disc Golf

I would like to start by explaining a little about myself before I move into the tips and hacks that I have learned. 

Isaac LockwoodI started playing in 2003 when I was a high school senior in Redding California and there was only one course at that time. Even with that one course I still played a round or two every day for a year straight. After I graduated I moved to Sacramento where I met Bruce at Final 9 Sports and got to play against some world class players. With multiple courses in the area and all the competition like Josh Anthon to learn from, I was able improve quickly. Shortly after that, work took me to Nevada where there weren’t any courses close enough for me to play as much as I would like so I virtually stopped playing for about six or seven years before I moved back to Redding. 

Red October

Posted by Michael Cox on 10/5/2015 to Disc Golf

Red October

Glorious October in Michigan, the trees ignite in a blaze of color. That first frost kills the mosquitos so we can play outside freely. Grilled burgers are replaced by grilled sausages and weekend football talk dominates the workplace banter.

I like to play disc golf in the fall. We wait until the sun burns off most of the dew and usually head out to Frankenmuth to play their course. You probably have your own local 'fav' course, that one course that just does it for you, it suits you because it suits your game. Now, I can't say that Frankenmuth suits my game perfectly it really is the location along with the course. The Frankenmuth course is bordered by homes to the west, schools, ball fields, a band shell and tennis courts line the north end. On the south side is a large church with some woods and a large closely trimmed field. The east side is bounded by a rose garden, a dog park along a winding two lane road. No matter where you park, you are moments from a refreshing drink, a burger, a pizza, and yes Frankenmuth has sausage. This isn't supposed to be a review of the course, but I will tell you a bit more...

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