How to buy your first set of darts

Posted by John Carter on 2/11/2017 to Darts

How To Buy Your First Set Of Darts

Hello everybody this is Jeff at Metro Darts and Disc Golf.
Today I would like to share some helpful tips when your thinking of buying that new set of darts!!
When you walk in the shop you can be a little overwhelmed with all the darts in stock! The first thing to consider is if you will be playing soft tip or steel tip darts.  
Next will be choosing if you want a fixed or a moveable point. There will be pros and cons in choosing the right point. Finally, having a price range is important in your selection. 
◦ Darts are made of brass, nickle silver, and tungsten. Brass and nickel silver cost less and both are about in the same price range starting at about $10.00 up to about $35. Both are good starters for beginners. The barrels are big and fat in the hand; both can have a gnarly or smooth feel to them. The barrels come in many colors from sliver ,black, blue and many more. Custom colors for a selected price. Tungsten darts are the most expensive darts as they start at about $50 and can go well over $200. They have a very skinny barrel and are well weighted through out the barrel for that great balance when shooting to the board. The dart point is the next thing to look at. You can choose from sliver tip, black tip or ones that have grooves in them. Each have a difference in cost but most darts have a standard sliver tip.
◦ So lets look at a dart
◦ point : sliver, black, and groved
◦ Barrel: brass, nickel sliver, and Tungsten
◦ shafts: neon, alum, tungsten, ploy carbon,
◦ Flights: Poly, nylon, dimplex, fit flights, L flights, standard and extra hard flights. All flights come in many shapes and colors to choose from, varying in cost. 

In choosing that prefect dart there are many things to ask the sales person, so have fun in choosing that great dart for yourself!
Here at Metro Darts we take pride in helping you get started in the great game of Darts!

we leave the bull to you!

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