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Posted by Randall Bridge on 2/17/2018 to Darts


Hello followers of metro darts!!

a couple things that are happening in the Michigan dart scene!


These were put in by Motor City Darts

Backroads Saloon in Marshall, Mi.,  has recently put up 4 steel tip boards with the 360 vision led lighting systems.

2 G3 Bullshooter boards that are hooked up for remote play.  Along with a G2.5


May 12 we will be hosting the first annual Mr. Michigan 501 long format tournament.  the field will be capped at 96 participants at $50 a person.  It is a single Elimination tournament.  There will be a lod starting after round 2 or three for those that get knocked out. rounds 1 and 2 will be first to 5.  Rounds 3 and 4 will be first to 7.  Semi-finals are first to 9.  and the finals are first to 11.  Doors will open at 8 am and there will be a band following the tournamen