Putting - Up your game.

Posted by Issac Lockwood - Legacy Disc Golf on 5/11/2016 to Disc Golf

As you pursue the never ending quest to reach the next level in the game of disc golf, putting is the single most important and fastest way to break through to that next level.

Isaac Lockwood

I won't get into the grip or style that you should use since everyone has to find what works for them individually and even that can change over time. What I think are some of the more important aspects are a few simple techniques that can help anyone be more accurate and consistent.

Step one is to have a solid and balanced base.

Start with planting your feet securely or "dig in" especially when in rocky or uneven terrain. This will allow you to stay balanced through the putt, keeping you focus on the target. A great tip is to find a putting green that allows you to practice on uneven terrain and uneven footing.

Step two is to keep your head and shoulders steady and on the same level.

A good practice is to keep your knees bent to absorb any sort of lift or sway that might pull your putt off line. Use video to see any areas of your putt that are unbalanced or need to be adjusted to align yourself to the target.

Step three is to putt through the basket.

I’m a visual person so I imagine a line that goes through the basket which makes me putt a little harder and with the newer baskets this will give you the best results. If you have a practice basket try tying the chains closer to the pole so that it gives you a smaller target to aim at.

Step four and finally is to extend through the putt. This follow through will keep the disc on the desired line to the target and help with confidence as it goes in. Just like a basketball player holding the pose after a made shot, putting is no different.


Some other tips for practicing would be to start with fifteen to twenty footers. A good game is to make 20 in a row before you move back five feet at a time. This will build confidence and help instill good muscle memory that will help with longer putts. And don't forget to take breaks or change the game up when it gets boring. Keeping your practice fun will keep you coming back for more.

Putt with confidence.