The Word is Crisis Dart Review

Posted by Jeff Carter on 11/30/2017 to Darts
The Word is Crisis  Dart Review
#  The Word is Crisis   Dart Review 

 Winmau in there 2018 catalog has the professional  dart _Crisis_**. These 90% tungsten Crisis darts have clearly defined profiles, with class -leading  black Onyx coating. This dart has a great color in black and green and a great barrel that has a performance grip ,the shafts are nylon green and the flights are Rhino!  The steel tip darts come in 22and 24 1028 style , 1079 style 22gr and 24gr  style 1028 23gr and 25 gr  style 1081 23 and 25 gr for the soft tip darts there are two styles 2037 18gr and 2048 18gr**
1)looks of dart  1-10 Jeff gives 9 
2) dart barrel feel.  1-10 Jeff gives 8
3) packing              1-10.  Jeff gives 7
4)price                    1-10 Jeff gives 9