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Welcome to eagle claw shafts

Eagle Claw Shaft Inbetween Bone White with ring. Eagle Claw shafts are manufactured from tough and durable nylon material with a 2BA thread. The deep cut in the shaft ensures your flight can be pushed well down into the slot which means a greater contact surface. Shafts are fitted with an additional ring to ensure a tight fit between flight and shaft during play and feature Eagle Claw™ icon. Shot Darts Eagle Claw shafts are sold in sets of 3 and are available in 12 striking colors. Measurement: Does not include thread.
When I sell dart shafts they come in different sizes short, inbetween, and med from this company I buy from They are top of the line shafts and will last as long as you take care of them they have a ring to hold the flight on better to the shaft as shafts are selling like this to help the customer out in the long run also so they dont have to buy rings separately. I have found these shafts hold up very well when drop on floor and when hit buy another dart. The price range they are a little bet pricy but the lasting power will make up for that! You can come into the shop and give the sizes a try to see what you need.

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