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Birds of Prey Falcon Soft Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten Barrels


Birds of Prey Falcon Soft Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten Barrels

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BPFSF-119 19gm 17.5gm 45mm 7.3mm


Sharpen your senses

Fix your eagle eyes on victory, with the striking new Shot Darts Birds of Prey range. Inspired by New Zealand’s native raptors, Birds of Prey bring the same deadly accuracy, stealth, and speed to the game as our great winged hunters. Barrels and flights in this range take their cue from the evolved aerodynamics of swift, silent wings.

Featuring PCT coating technology for rich, highly reflective colours and unbeatable wearability. This fine coating is only microns thick and reflects the base sheen of the tungsten. Falcon is adorned with the deep, glossy blue-black of wings in flight – to take down your prey at high speeds.

Barrel Design

Missile shape. Refined channel and crosscuts create an assured, universal grip.

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