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Shot Arrowhead Steel Tip Point


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Shot Arrowhead Steel Tip Point

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This innovative steel tip dart point ensures smooth and sure penetration of sisal dartboard fibres; the 4 mm rounded bulb at the tip enables the points to slice finely through any sisal thickness, making light work of every dart throw.

Once embedded in the board, the Shot Arrowhead tip grips securely to the interior fibres, sisal seals in around the point head, holding firm until release.

Tip: Using a slight twisting motion as opposed to pulling, will ensure smooth release, keeping the sisal fibres intact, ready for self-healing.

The larger surface area of the bulb tip creates increased friction, slowing the entry point of the dart as it hits the sisal, making it useful for players who find they hit the hardwood backing of the dartboard frequently. Avoiding this is recommended; it tends to shorten the life of your dartboard by penetrating the glue layer and in turn, removing excessive sisal fibre.

Alternatively, if you regularly experience fall-outs, the Arrowhead point will help this issue.

Shot Darts Cinder Grip has also been applied to these points, for added assurance on the grip and hold to the sisal fibres in a dartboard.

Sold in a set of 3 points. Bulb area measures 4 mm.
Total length measurement 38mm.

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